Logitech G203 Lightsync Gaming Mouse

The Logitech g203  light sync packs a ton of modern features for a price segment. Logitech g203  is the price at 14000 rs which is one of the best value-for-money mice you can get for gaming. Now talking about out-of-box content we get Logitech Mouse, warranty card, and manual with Logitech g-sticker. The mouse comes in two variants white and black version, the g203 weighs about 85 grams according to Logitech and I did weigh it myself and my scale seems to agree now 85 grams is not ultra-lightweight by today’s standards but if you think it’s a nice comfortable middle ground weight that’s good for a variety of different tasks like everyday computing office type stuff and of course gaming.

The build quality is good especially at this price point there doesn’t seem to be any loose parts if you shake it feels pretty solid and well made in your hand and the build quality is pretty good which gives confidence that it’s not going to break if I fell off from my desk.

It’s nice to have a strong cable connection at the front that doesn’t feel like it’s going to pull out or become loose over time what it lacks though is any kind of grippy textures the whole mouse is hard plastic, in general, it doesn’t feel too slippery in the hand over time though if your hands start to heat up and get a little sweaty. You’re going to notice that a little bit and the cable is a basic rubber it’s 2.1 meters long which is a decent length but I would have rather traded some of that length for a braided flex cable with better performance.

Logitech specs the sensor as an 8000 dpi gaming-grade sensor but they don’t provide any further details other than that so it’s safe to assume that they’re not using their cutting edge hero sensor technology here because if they were they’d want to show that off and advertise it now 8000 dpi might sound a little bit low but that’s all just marketing talk those crazy high numbers that you hear these days 8 000 dpi should be more than enough for pretty much everyone.

I personally use 800 so the g203 is offering about 10 times more than I would ever need we get six programmable buttons on the g203 two are on the side one’s on the top the scroll wheels a button and of course we have the primary click buttons the scroll wheel is pretty good it’s wide enough to use it’s grippy and it has nice sharp tactile bumps as you scroll.

Logitech’s using their mechanical tensioning system for the left and right-click buttons and that provides a really nice feel that’s crisp and responsive the shape’s overall more flat and low profile and that causes my fingers to drag along the mouse pad if I’m trying to use a palm grip and I have medium-sized hands so that means it’s going to be a noticeable issue for giant handed gamers but fingertip and claw grips are awesome on this thing where that compact and low profile size and shape make it a really easy and natural way to hold the mouse.

I prefer a small compact mouse so the g203 feels perfect for me and I’m also a believer that smaller mice are better and more accurate for first-person shooter games so size this should be a solid choice for games like cs go and overwatch. The tracking performance is actually really good too it may not use the latest and greatest
24 000 dpi sensor but I say who cares it performs well and it didn’t cause any issues during my time testing it which included some ultra fast-paced CSGO, assassin creed gameplay.

The g-hubs is an interface where all the customizations including the sensitivity of the polling rate up to a thousand-hertz custom button functions and assignments macros and the lighting effects where you can select from a list of the usual preset that you’d expect and also adjust the speed and the brightness of them and you can create your own effects. If you want to by going into the freestyle and the animation tabs and the lighting looks good on the g203 it can get bright and the effects are pretty cool at full price I’d say the g203 light sync is a pretty good mouse for the price it offers.

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